Mojado Extremo

I heard a news story about a 10-year old boy who was found wandering alone in the Arizona desert near the border with Mexico. The boy's mother had died when her pick-up truck turned over in a remote corner of National Forest. The boy crawled out of the truck and searched for help. The man who found him was an undocumented immigrant man from northern Mexico, heading back to a seasonal job in the US. The immigrant was able to attract the attention of the Immigration authorities. The boy was saved but the man was deported. I chose to tell this story within the larger context of US immigration policy and set it in a fictional, Mexican "reality" TV show. This is a high-stakes game where nobody wins.

Performance length: 90 minutes

  6 males. Two in their 20's; two in their 30's; one boy of 10; one man in his 50's.
  3 females in their 20's; 1 in her 60's
  7 children under 10 (boys and girls)

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