Learning to See Fish

"...you provide such an easy telescope into your life and that time up on the ridge. Emanating from your love for each character in your stories, there is a humor (and often a self-humor) which just bubbles out, and we can all laugh at the whole human comedy of life."

SC Occidental, CA

"I approached Learning to See Fish without preconceptions; found at first the diversity of subject matter something to be reckoned with. Soon though, I realized that the unifying feature throughout the collection is the heart of the storyteller which resonates, no matter what location or which characters. I am particularly drawn to stories of what kids feel ("Rite of Passage", "Magic"), but that's my bias. The reader is in sure hands throughout."

J.W. Poet, Patagonia Arizona

"Loved it!"

E.N. Artist, Sebastopol, Callifornia ; B.L. University Administrator (ret) New Orleans, Louisiana]

"Fels has given us great short stories and a wonderful memoir. Writing flows well, and you sense that you know the characters. In the memoir, you are there enjoying the meals!"

L.T. Designer, Oakland, California

"Doubt that I'll ever get around to the details of why or how much I enjoyed Learning to See Fish but I was impressed with your characters, your use language in general, and the natural dialog. For me good writing is not being aware that you're reading. Your writing opens up an impressive new world. Despite your disclaimers, I'm left wondering how much is imagination and how much is you. Were you once really a woman working in a paint department?"



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