The Whole World of Miss Buhai

I first heard of the civil rights and family law advocate, Harriett Buhai when my childhood friend and attorney, Peter J. Marx, told me that after her death he inherited many of her papers including the transcripts made of her appearances before the Southern California Committee of the State Bar of California. What intrigued us both about these transcripts was that they told an intriguing story of a time in our history when even a brief affiliation with the Communist Party could be considered grounds for denying access to one's profession or worse. I took the transcripts and edited them into something that had the dramatic structure needed for a stage play. The result is a powerful testament to the importance of courage in the face of manufactured, and often mindless fear.

Performance length: 90 minutes

  1 female in her 30's
  1 male in his 30's
  7 males over 40

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