Fetching Molly (2010)

From the story: Real Scouts

"The tortoise-shell glasses Adam thought had looked so handsome just days before when he had admired his reflection in Dr. Steinmetz' eye-glass dispensary, now gripped his face like talons. They pulled and pinched at his ears. The lenses were covered with a film of dust and jiggled with every step, making the sage-dotted landscape through which he and his Tenderfoot Patrol were hiking bounce up and down in a blur of gray-green and brown. His vision had gone suddenly bad two-weeks before. One day he had been able to read Miss Myer's neat blackboard script from his seat at the far end of row two. They had been studying the forty-eight states and Adam had pulled "Indiana" from the fishbowl into which Miss Myers had dropped small, folded squares of white paper; each hand-lettered with the name of a state. As she had moved down the aisles, cautious hands reached over and down into the bowl. He had never heard of Indiana, but it had sounded exotic and wild with woods teaming with sleek, brown natives."

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