For most of my life, writing was simply a tool. It helped me through university and supported my career as an educator. It wasn’t until my late fifties that I began to write for pleasure. I started with short stories, some of which were chosen to be performed publicly by a readers’ theater group in Los Angeles. The experience of hearing my words spoken by actors was so powerful that I enrolled in a two-year, playwriting program at UCLA.

In January of 2006, soon after I retired from California State University, Los Angeles, my wife, Luisa, and I relocated to our small farm in Sonoma County’s Coastal Hills.  It was there, in our complex of off-the-grid yurts that I could devote myself to writing.

Five years later, Luisa’s declining health necessitated our move closer to medical facilities and we relocated to Sebastopol a—small town blessed with an abundance of creative energy.

Over the years I’ve self-published two short-story collections (Fetching Molly and Learning to See Fish) as well as memoirs (Sometimes I See You and Bodies in Motion) and historical nonfiction (The Queen of Kansas and A Circle of Elephants). I have also written several short and full-length plays.

Luisa passed away in 2016 but I have continued to write.

Should you decide to try, I hope that you’ll find my work as fulfilling to read as I’ve found it to write. 

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