In my books and plays, I often write about the sort of home that's entered through a door (or at least a flap or a ladder) rather than by the click of a mouse. But times change, and regardless of how you got inside of my digital "home," here you are. So welcome!

Until I was in my 20's, "home" was wherever my parents lived, and they lived all over the country: one motel and four houses in Los Angeles; a rented house on a squab farm in Palo Alto (Northern California); with two sets of grandparents in Newburgh and Manhattan (New York); in McPherson (the dead-center of Kansas); in a hotel in Denver; and in a Quonset hut on a military base in Monahans, Texas, during World War Two.

As an adult with my own family to care for, "home" became what we established for ourselves, and in that regard I wasn't much different from my parents: Hayward, in the San Francisco Bay Area; yurts and houses on four different farms in far-western rural Sonoma County, California; the "Low Rent" housing development of Chinle, Navajo Nation (Arizona); three houses in El Paso, Texas; married-student housing in Austin, Texas; and now, a home in Sebastopol (Sonoma County), California.

Maybe this digital "home" thing isn't such a bad idea. It seems spacious enough, and I probably won't need to bribe my friends with pizza and beer when I'm ready to move!

So welcome! Mi casa es su casa!

Here's the two-cent tour. In my home, you'll learn a little about how I came to start writing. I'll introduce you to my books: Learning to See Fish; Fetching Molly; Sometimes I See You; The Queen of Kansas; and A Circle of Elephants; and my plays: In Defense of Beauty; Oakland Tryptich; Hollow; Consumption; Mojado Extremo; A Day in the Life of Fort Ross; The Whole World of Harriett Buhai; and Abuelita's Tango.

Want to buy a book or read a script? You can do it. Have a question? Want to contact me? The info's all here!

Stay as long as you want. We'll eat about 7:00 p.m.



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